Air Emission (Stationary Sources) Monitoring

Our in-house laboratory is well equipped with wide range of high technology analysis equipment such as Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) in supporting our environmental services ranging from testing analysis for waste recovery activities, environmental and performance monitoring, and consulting services for environmental pollution.


As a further effort to expand the scope of our services, we are now working towards an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. With this, we are committed to constantly upgrade the testing equipment and technical know-how to customize the need of both quality control and industrial waste management.
Currently we are actively participated in Proficiency Testing (PT) scheme organized by Department of Chemistry Malaysia which is a prerequisite to quality assurance in the operation of a chemical testing laboratory.


Our scope of services entails the following:


  • Chemical Analysis
  • Industrial Effluent Characterization Study (IECS)
  • Industrial Effluent Discharge Monitoring
  • Air Emission (Stationary Sources) Monitoring
  • Ambient Air Monitoring
  • Environmental Noise Measurement

Air Emission (Stationary Sources) Monitoring

In compliance with Standard C of Environmental Quality Act (Clean Air) and Regulations 1978, industries are required to conduct air emission monitoring and submit air emission data in 3 months basis to regulatory bodies for all the discharge channels such as scrubbers, chimney stacks, and exhaust blower. This is to ensure those air pollution control equipment are operated under controlled circumstances and complied with statutory requirements.